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external graphics card

An external graphics card is a great way to use a performance graphics card as a plug and play external device.



An external graphics card is a good solution if you own a laptop or other computer with limited space to install special components. If you’re ready to upgrade your graphics card for better performance, consider an external graphics card.

When you are on the go or working on other projects, the external graphics card does not need to be plugged in. When you get home and are ready to do some gaming, just plug in the external graphics card and enjoy the graphics!



When in use, a graphics card can eat up a lot of power. It grows warm quickly, drawing the attention of your cooling system away from the rest of your computer.

This can be a big drain on the system. Save power while you’re not using the card by simply unplugging it when you’re using less graphics-intensive programs, like word processors or internet browsers.

External graphics cards are not just for gamers with laptops.

They are often used by professionals for video editing or other high-end graphics work instead of installing this powerful graphics card directly into the desktop computer.

Most external graphics cards connect to your laptop or desktop computer using the PCI-Express card slot on your laptop, which is the successor to the commonly-used PCMCIA card slots. They are quite easy to unplug when you’d like to save energy and not make your computer work so hard. When you’re ready to play games or work with graphics, just plug the card back into the slot and you’ll be ready to go.

external graphics card

External graphics cards often cost around $100, making them an affordable upgrade if you notice poor performance from your preinstalled graphics card.

They’re not for everyone, especially if you only use your laptop or desktop for surfing the internet or typing documents.

external graphics cards

If you enjoy playing graphics-intensive games or working with large files of visual data, consider an external graphics card to balance performance with energy savings and the convenience of having better graphics when you need them without having to replace your computer components. We've provided some recommendations above. Take a look!

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